Hong Kong HK-2335840 Live

Oconnect China Limited is a private company limited by shares incorporated on 28-Jan-2016. It is classified as NON - Government Company and it is registered with Hongkong Company Registry.

Oconnect China Limited Registration No is 2335840 and the current status of the company is Live.

  • Company Name
    Oconnect China Limited
  • CR No
  • Company Type
    private company limited by shares
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Active Status
  • Annual Filing Period
    07-09 to 19-10
  • Business Address
  • Remarks
  • Winding Up Mode
  • Date of Dissolution
  • Register of Charge
  • Important Note
  • Name History
    Oconnect China Limited

Filings(Last 3 Years)

Certificate of Incorporation
Doc. Ref. No.: 40010165417
Submission/Filing Date: 28-JAN-2016

(E)Articles of Association
Doc. Ref. No.: 22901433130
Submission/Filing Date: 28-JAN-2016

(E)FNNC1 - Incorporation Form (Company Limited by Shares)
Doc. Ref. No.: 22901433129
Submission/Filing Date: 28-JAN-2016

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